Nitrogen shows itself in many aspects and makes – as our exhibition shows – an exciting and global story. In the individual stations are found many interesting Details, that permit the creation of a many-layered chronicle of nitrogen and combine together the known, the unknown and the forgotton. Nitrogen is an essential substance of human life, even if this is not ascribed to it in everyday life. But it takes on a determining role with its infinitely many compounds in our global world events.

Especially about the importance of nitrogen in artificail fertilizer there is much to report beyond the exhibition.
Thus in the Wintersemester 2012/2013 at the University of Augsburg at the Department of Resource Strategies the seminar “Substance Stories Nitrogen) took place, that concerned itself  with some of these contents. The seminar participants concerned temselves with the following main points:

- Food and World Population
- The Fertilizer Industry
- Ecological Land Development
- Nitrate and Soil
- Nitrogen and Fertilizer in Public Communication
- Guano
- Hunger

The resulting work was conceived as an enhancement to the exhibition as websites and is found on the following pages.
We would like to point out that all contents from the students were prepared and created through scientific research, but do not have any clain to completeness. We make no guarantee for the content of third parties.

The following contents should nevertheless motivate you to further concern oneself with the topic of nitrogen and to personally embark on the journey of telling the story further.

The seminar was developed and directed by Dr. Claudis Schmidt Scientific Center Environment Chair for Resource Strategies.

The students participating in the seminar and authors of the following contents are: Cassandra Ballert, Nicola Haenle, Barbara Hedeler, Arved Hein, Faye Holzwarth, Lisa Leichtle, Julian Seidel, Franka Stössenreuther, Katrin Stenner, Benjamin von Petersdorf, Dorothee Patricia Wimmer, Nina Wittich und David Zadick.